Lord Sewel mixes with the commoners – David Baldelli

Barons and Lords have a long history of doing whatever the hell they like, so it comes as no surprise that one of them has been observed in their natural habitat. It is tradition in England for the well off and privileged to on occasion mix with the whores and the prostitutes to better understand what life is like amongst the lower echelons of society. This social-economic dialectic is usually accompanied with a celebration, sampling a moorish platter of hardcore class A narcotics and dressing up in the indigenous clothing.
The investigation that has been launched is simply paying lip service to the extraordinary dedication Baron John Buttifant Sewel attends to his standards and ethics committee that he chairs in the House of Lords. No doubt Lady Jennifer Buttifant Sewel also stands proud and unified with her husband recalling the rousing article he wrote last year calling out the few bad apples that cause disgusting scandals and tarnishing the House’s reputation. 
In honour of his successful findings in the underbelly of British society, Baron John Buttifant Sewel has gone on holiday after which he presumably intends to return to his job as chairman of the Lords’ Privileges and Conduct Committee, Coke Filled Cross Dressing Hedonistic Sex Fiend, and father of four.  

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