The Lions want asylum – the future. – David Baldelli

It was 2034, the African drought had claimed most of the continent, dust swept the equatorial boundaries, life had given up. Three years earlier the stampede of indigenous creatures swarmed northwards and took shelter in the animal loving Europe.


Europe is a very different place now, herds of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle have permanently relocated to the south of France accompanied by their natural predators. Lion and Cheetah. Ironically all these migrant species are thriving, living as they do off the lush greenery of the European temperate climate cohabiting with their human compatriots in a symbiosis of mutual respect, care and curiosity.

Unfortunately the migrant African humans were not allowed sanctuary, Europe was too full, and the state of the European economy could not manage the burden of thousands of refugees with no skills. It was decided that those that tried to cross the Mediterranean would be scuttled on the rocks, and those that didn’t would be housed in camps across the northern coast of Africa where civil war had broken out. Some have managed to find work provided for them back where they came from but by now most have perished.

There was one silver lining to this crisis however, such was the climate and lack of population in Africa now it was the ideal place to set up the worlds new ecological power supply. 30 million solar panels had been installed right across the centre of Central Africa with power lines linking east Asia, Europe and North and South America. The pollution that had caused the drought in the first place was clearing up slowly and the worlds carbon emissions had reduced by 35%. Most of the money that was being made off the Transnational Solar Power Grid was being used to care for the welfare of the animals that had fled their homes in search of safety and security. The rest of the money was used by the security services to protect European borders.

We must never forget what those animals suffered and the sacrifices they must have made to abandon their homes. Once upon a time we used to hunt these magnificent creatures, I am pleased to say we now treat them as equals.



The cartoon is by the fabulous Polyp – you can visit his website here

One thought on “The Lions want asylum – the future. – David Baldelli

  1. Not a future I want and there is still time – I hope. Where has our compassion and care for humanity gone – not to mention our responsibility in having caused many of the problems in the first place?


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