Capitalism Anonymous- Dave Baldelli

My name is Great Britain and I am addicted to money. 
Hello and welcome Great Britain
Its a big group at capitalism anonymous, most of the nations of the world are members, some reluctant, some functioning, others are victims, desperate. Most sit in a circle looking at each other, shrugging, refusing to acknowledge that a problem exists at all, refusing to acknowledge the gaunt skeletal figures in the corner. Helping them out by nonchalantly throwing more money at them.
Money isn’t dangerous in moderation of course, we can all enjoy it a little. Like food or sex, money is a fact of life and is capable of being practical, fun or destructive depending on ones attitude. A talented musician for example gets spotted and signed to a record label. Does the label provide the musician a platform to express themselves? Give them opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have? to create something original? or mould them in to a commercially homogenous unit safe to invest in for healthy returns for their shareholders. Its not just the musicians who suffer, its us, their families. 
In reality this is just the soft stuff. Smoking shit music probably wont kill you but it can destroy your brain just as all the products of the capitalist pushers do. Franchise cinema, convenience food, buy two get a third free, designer perfume, executive cars and hair dye that will make you look more fuckable. All packaged with an underlying message of without us you aren’t good enough or don’t think, just consume. 
This is nothing new of course, what is new is how even our governments buy in to this ideology now. This is the hard stuff, the class A stuff. When whole countries require methadone like cash injections begged for as if they were begging a dealer for ‘one last hit’. When elections are won on nothing but attestations of how important money is as if there is nothing else in the world worth considering, when fights are started with other countries for financial gain, when big deals are done behind closed doors without a care who suffers as a result. Those are the actions of an addict. 

One thought on “Capitalism Anonymous- Dave Baldelli

  1. Love it! The nature of addiction (being one of my pet subjects) really is the same whatever the substance. Ruthlessness, self-deceiving dishonesty and destructive outcomes are fundamental. Mammon is undoubtably the most universal yet, alarmingly, legal slavedriver of all.


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