Cameron in stranger than fiction pig sex scandal – David Baldelli

Fact and fiction have an extraordinary way of mirroring each other almost to the point where they appear to be both  self prophesying and self parodying at the same time. Today in The Mail Lord Ashcroft’s biography has been serialised, with excerpts alleging that David Cameron during the youthful part of his life where he let his right wing hair fop much more casually, had sex with a pig in an initiation ceremony for a ‘debauched oxford society’ specialising in ‘bizarre rituals and sexual excess’.

This was foreseen a few times in history throughout fiction. Black Mirror the critically acclaimed Channel Four satire penned by Charlie Brooker, had an episode where the Prime Minister was blackmailed in to having sex with a pig live on television in order to save some hostages. While shocking, when you think about it at least the fictional Prime Minister did it while under coercion rather than as a right of passage.

In the Three Little Pigs the big bad wolf blew the piggies houses down which is a very accurate alagory for the Conservative dismantling of social housing. While shocking, when you think about it the Big Bad Wolf didn’t kill the pigs and rape their corpses though.

I also believe the Mayans also had a prophecy that predicted the sudden about turn of politics in the early 21st century. Where the left are battered and bruised from years of media bullying and misrepresentation only for a sacrificial farm yard animal ritualistically desecrated years earlier, appeased the gods and and gave much needed respite. While shocking, when you think about it David Cameron would never do that, he’d do it just so he could be a member of a club.




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