Capitalism vs Socialism

I’ve got some news for you. That Conservative government, the one that promotes the virtues of capitalism, is a socialists wet dream.

No really. They love doling out cash. The banks love taking public money, private businesses are always keen scab off the state for subsidised government handouts, usually doing a poor job at managing some welfare to work programme or security contract. Oil, Gas and coal industries are all heavily dependent on government benefits, and if anyone of these industries fails? Well they aren’t exactly left to fend for themselves in the “free market”. They are in the case of the banks bailed out to the tune to £1 trillion. Capitalism is a joke, it’s socialism for big business.

This I wouldn’t have a problem with if those of us who further down the pecking order we subject to the same sort of compassion. Small businesses, families, and individuals are left to sink or swim in an ever increasing capitalist environment with ever diminishing safeguards. Nothing demonstrates the divide between us and the establishment more than this irony.

The final kick in the teeth are those who do need to claim income related benefits are still labelled scroungers while the the state subsidised industries are entrepreneurial. No one group of people have been more scroungey than the banks. This sort of language should be saved for the truly deserving rather than the people most in need.

We have an elite who see the benefits of a state controlled socialist program of economics while the ever lauded kill or be killed free market economy is there for the rest of us to take our chances in. The government peddle it, the media sell it and then we swallow it, wipe our chin and say thank you very much.



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