Put your left foot in or your right foot out? – David Baldelli

Are you in or are you out? It appears the finer details of this question are so arcane that most ministers are having to draw up a list of pros and cons. Its like splitting up with a girlfriend who while is pretty annoying and high maintenance, does look good when you go out. The strategic thinking of MP’s appears on the whole to not be about what is in our national interest but in leveraging the most political capital from a situation that appears to have little else going for it. Boris Johnson took the longest to figure out what he could gain, eventually deciding that if he wants to be prime minister he will the time is now to put his chips on the table and hope the public vote Cameron out. (this is surely what will happen if Cameron looses the referendum).
Now I’m not immune to this either. The prospect of seeing Cameron get fired is enough to make me look at the referendum as a long awaited opportunity. Cameron is one thing however, the rest of his bench are another and it pains me to be in the situation where if I vote against Dave, ill be voting with Gove, Duncan-Smith, Farage and Johnson. Im not so naive that I think Cameron is now operating with a conscience just because he isn’t running for election next time, but there are signs he is softening round the edges, perhaps with one eye on his obituary. Better the devil you know I think. 
Its telling I haven’t even so much as mentioned any other parties yet. Is the UK turning in to a two party state? Pro Europe Conservatives and Pro independence Conservatives? Today at PMQ’s Corbyn was done by a simple “isn’t he scruffy” jibe. He may be different and care a bit but Jeremy, stick up for yourself man! show some wit! Defined as an opposition leader for our times he is proving none of those things at the moment. 
I think this referendum will come down to personalities. The main issues are so vague and complex it will come down to who the voters trust on polling day. If Cameron wants to win he may have to start easing up on Corbyn which will make for a very interesting couple of months. 

One thought on “Put your left foot in or your right foot out? – David Baldelli

  1. Heaven help us if arguments at Question time are graded by whether the PM’s mother thinks you should wear a suit with a tie and like singing to God. T’would scupper any ideas I have. Mike


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